The Most Shocking Social Media Comments and Memes from the 2017 Emmys

The 2017 Emmys came and went, featuring a star-studded show fraught with drama and surprises (we’re looking at you, Sean Spicer). While the annual awards ceremony was entertaining as always, the real fun was happening online, where viewers shared their observations in social media comments.

Do you dare to vicariously relive the 2017 Emmys? We’ve collected some of the best Emmys reactions and social media comments we could find so you won’t miss a beat.

One of the most common Emmys reactions came from viewers who couldn’t believe how good the stars looked despite their age:

While some commiserated on how they could never look as good as the stars, plenty of Emmys memes grew from social media users identifying with the audience’s reactions.

From the silly…

…to the sassy…

…to the downright shook:

If any Emmys memes have lasting power, it’s probably going to be the wealth of facial reactions bestowed on us that night.

While many Emmys reactions were angry the show’s political content, plenty of fans shared positive comments in their social media comments.

Those ranged from humorous…

…to sweet and touching Emmys comments:

Some users poked fun at the political content, like this user who referenced an absurd but highly politicized meme from after the US presidential election:

Emmys comments didn’t just come from viewers, though. Rachel Bloom posted a humorous look behind the curtain for her fans:

And that’s a wrap! The 2017 Emmys were a wild ride both offline and on. What were your favorite reactions to the ceremony? Share them with us!