How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts with Hootsuite

Guess what: Smart Moderation is now available on the Hootsuite app directory! If you’re already using Hootsuite to monitor all your favorite platforms in one place, you’ll now be able to manage Smart Moderation there, too, further streamlining your response rates and community engagement. You can install it right here.

With a multitude of tools to help you monitor discussion within your industry, protect your accounts, and now auto-moderate your communities, there’s no better time to learn how a community monitoring platform like Hootsuite can work for you. If you’re not familiar with the platform, check out our tips below on how you can make the most of it.

Hootsuite Makes Managing Engagement Easy

Hootsuite makes it easy to manage all your favorite social accounts by letting you update them all in one place: post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more from just a single dashboard. Even better, everyone on your team can respond to engagement through the platform, no matter what department they’re in—which makes it easier to coordinate a disaster plan across your organization should one arise.

Another great feature of the dashboard is its history of previous engagements with each user. This means that when someone voices concern with your brand on social media, you may review previous conversations with that user no matter who else on your team before. This helps everyone stay up-to-speed to better assist and respond to your fans.

Finally, Hootsuite provides detailed, illustrated analytics on key metrics. Lots of social platforms do this natively, but unique to this tool is its analysis of your team’s performance. From the dashboard, you can track how long it takes for your team to respond to engagement. How can you boost your response rate and time? With Hootsuite, you can find out—and streamline your damage control efforts if a scandal happens.

Keep Your Accounts Safe with Hootsuite

You’ve heard this classic horror story: a member of the team means to post something to their personal account, but accidentally posts it to their corporate account instead. This happens startlingly often, most recently with Honda during a 2016 presidential debate. As a safeguard, Hootsuite employs a “double approval” system that keeps you from posting to the wrong account by accident so you’ll avoid embarrassing updates and career-destroying posts.

You also don’t need to worry about your accounts’ security when revoking someone access. The dashboard allows you to give and revoke access to your brand’s accounts without exchanging passwords, so you don’t need to worry about changing passwords too often (though it’s a good practice for anyone to revise passwords regularly).

See What People are Saying with Community Monitoring

One of Hootsuite’s greatest assets is its insights. This feature culls together relevant discussion around your brand and industry from millions of sources, so you can stay on top of the current conversation at any time.

The platform also makes community monitoring a snap. If you find yourself responding to the same comments and concerns from users on social media, simply set up pre-approved responses that you may use to quickly answer them. This keeps everyone on your team on-message, and allows you to reply promptly to what your community is saying most about you.

You may also measure sentiment about your brand among various demographic. Perhaps middle-aged users are enthusiastic and positive about your brand, voicing praise for it on social. Meanwhile, you notice that young users are neutral about it in comparison—or negative! With Hootsuite, you can measure how any demographic feels about your brand to help you better build positive engagement.

Finally, it’s important to remember that things can go viral in a bad way. For example, a customer’s concern might spread across social media destroy your business’ reputation. In these situations, time is essential: you need to quash an issue before it grows into a firestorm. Thankfully, Hootsuite notifies you immediately when there’s a spike in engagement or sentiment around your brand—positive or negative—so you’re able to act quickly before a bad situation gets worse.

Integrate Apps Into Your Workflow

Hootsuite allows for a variety of extensions to be integrated with the platform. This allows you to do even more from the single dashboard, offering access to your team’s favorite apps. Smart Moderation is among the many useful apps available, which helps you easily moderate comments left on your social profiles. Like Hootsuite, it’s multi-platform: the software auto-moderates comments on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more 24/7—and its availability on Hootsuite makes moderating comments across networks all the easier.

Smart Moderation goes above and beyond platforms’ native comment moderation tools thanks to machine learning. In fact, it’s the first artificial intelligence-based app available for Hootsuite integration! With Smart Moderation, you don’t need to constantly update easy-to-bypass keyword blocklists to protect your profiles from trolls, abuse and spammers. Smart Moderation can detect profanity and spam just like a human would.

Streamlining response rate to engagement gets even easier with Smart Moderation, because you’ll instantly see through the social noise: spam and abuse are erased within the minute they’re posted, so you can focus only on genuine engagement and boost your team’s productivity. The software and Hootsuite go perfectly together for making community monitoring fast and easy. Try Smart Moderation and see how it rises above other comment moderation tools!


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