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How Artificial Intelligence Will Help You Beat the Competition

By Çiler Ay on Tue, 30 Jan 2018

Artificial Intelligence Will Help You Beat the Competition

Customer service is rapidly becoming an essential focus for brands; Gartner research estimates that 89% of businesses will compete on customer experience rather than products or services. Furthermore, three in five Americans are willing to try a new company for a better customer relations experience. Your businesses’ biggest assets, then, may very well be your customer relations and community management teams.

Customer Service is the New Battleground

One way to ensure your brand is competitive in its handling of customer service is its availability to consumers. Businesses typically hear from only 4% of dissatisfied customers—the rest remain silent, which means you’re often without an opportunity to set things right and ensure they’re happy before they switch to another business. What’s worse, customers are more likely to complain to one another about bad experiences with your brand as opposed to good ones, which damages your brand’s reputation by word-of-mouth.

dissatisfied customers

Artificial Intelligence Will Help You Beat the Competition

Businesses typically heard from only 4% of dissatisfied customers (source).

How can you ensure your customers remain satisfied? It’s quite simple: be available to address their needs, and do so promptly. When asked what makes an “ideal” customer experience, 47% of consumers aged 18-65 globally cited fast responses to complaints and questions. Unfortunately, this may be easier said than done: in today’s always-on, connected world, how is a brand to keep in touch with all their consumers’ needs?

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Artificial Intelligence is Here to Help

The natural result to this new competitive space, it seems, is artificial intelligence. You may have noticed how chat bots are en vogue—everyone seems to be adopting them since Facebook opened their Messenger platform to them! While they’re not all as sophisticated as Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant, bots allow thousands of consumers to get in touch immediately without having to wait in queue to speak to a human. Artificial intelligence not only functions as a point-of-contact on various messaging channels, but also allows for in-app buying as well as immediate customer service help when making a purchase online.

Unfortunately, these chatty systems aren’t perfect just yet, and they can be difficult or costly for businesses to implement while the tech is still new and evolving. If you want to step up your brand’s customer service game right now and without overhauling your current system, you might be wondering how artificial intelligence can help you. The solution is in community monitoring.

How AI Helps with Community Monitoring

You don’t need an automated customer relations agent to replace any humans on your team; rather, you can employ AI to provide more useful information to your team so they can work faster and more efficiently to do what they’re already trained to. Imagine how much noise there is buzzing around your brand across various social media channels—what if you could quickly and easily identify and erase all the spam and troll comments so that you could focus only on sincere brand engagement?

Smart Moderation is a tool powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence that can help you gain control over the conversations surrounding your business. Using natural language processing, it’s able to separate the wheat from the chaff so your human moderators can bypass spam and prioritize your actual customers’ concerns. And because it’s an artificial intelligence and not a simple keyword blacklist, you can feed it instructions just as you would to a human moderator—so it can adapt to various situations, particularly if you’re navigating a social media crisis.

Smart Moderation will help you deal with matters swiftly as well. 42% of consumers on social media expect a response to complaints within a 60-minute turnaround time. To ensure you can make the cut, make yourself available on all channels for outreach, whether that be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or more. With Smart Moderation’s help, you should be able to get to everyone who needs assistance within that tight hour-long deadline that consumers expect.

Community Monitoring is Key

Consumers won’t always go to you; you’ll have to monitor your networks for positive and negative engagement to respond to. Here’s where Smart Moderation shines: because spam and troll comments are erased by the AI within a minute of its posting, you’ll only see engagement from your actual customers (or prospective customers) when monitoring mentions of your brand, which means no time is wasted wading through nonsense. Your team will thank you for implementing such a smooth system that allows them to prioritize and deal with more customers than before—helping your business’ reputation for good service against competition.

We’re still in the early days of utilizing AI for business applications, but AI community monitoring tools like Smart Moderation make it easy to jump on the bandwagon and remain competitive in this new realm of marketing. Try out the service for free to see how simple it is!

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