Awards Hangover: The Funniest Grammy Comments on Social Media

Arguably the best thing about award ceremonies is getting to dish about the attendees, their outfits and performances during and after the show. This month’s Grammy Awards were no different, gracing us with a feast of memes to discuss for the next week. We scoured the internet for the funniest Grammy comments on social media we could find, recapping the biggest night for the music industry with plenty of humor, snark and sass.

First, let’s start with the outfit that everyone’s been talking about. Half the fun at an award show is observing the fashion, though perhaps the most “remixable” outfit goes to Cee Lo Green, whose golden getup quickly became a hit meme on social media, inspiring some of the best Grammy comments:


Some commenters on a Facebook thread referenced Green’s viral video in which he staged an explosion involving a Samsung phone:


But our favorite response might be this epic shout-out from the Power Rangers:


Speaking of Power Rangers, it’s clear that the ceremony was giving off major 90s vibes, because people couldn’t stop comparing Katy Perry to Wilson from Home Improvement:


No award show is complete without a drinking game, and it looks like Rihanna would agree—Entertainment for Breakfast caught her sneaking a swig from an iced-out flask in a quick audience cutaway. Being so easy to relate to, we think this might be one of the Grammy 2017 memes that’ll go down in history:

rihanna shot

Beyoncé’s performance certainly turned heads on Grammy night. But fitting for a goddess tribute, Queen Bey defied physics, too—inspiring some awesome tweets.



There was a lot of buzz around celebrity fashion, but some of the best Grammy comments revolved around hairstyles instead. Everyone had something to say about Twenty One Pilots’ pantsless award acceptance, but others had something else on their minds: drummer Josh Dun’s electric yellow hair:


…but that wasn’t the only dye job making a buzz. We were even treated to a seemingly Joker-inspired look from Mike Posner:


Buzzfeed knew how all of us were feeling when James Corden began the show with an unfortunate stunt:


No matter how you feel about 2017 so far, at least you didn’t fall down a set of stairs on national TV in your big moment.

And that’s a wrap! What were your favorite moments from the ceremony? Let us know if we missed any classic scenes or great Grammy 2017 memes—and get ready to witness the madness again in the upcoming Oscars!